The more you look, the less you find.
Lehmann B. Smith - Roominations
Selvaluna: Selvaluna
No-Way Sweden: Denmark, Finland
The Paper Boat: ...Sings Songs
Gwyn Edwards: St Guinefort etc
Cigarettes for Ping Pong: Goodbye Paper, We Have Now Gone Electric
The Paper Boat: ...Plays Songs
Great Earthquake: Home Recordings 2006 - 2009
Timothy & Wilderness - Fog on the River
Alex Charles - Circling Loops
No-Way Sweden: Iceland - England
Doppler Effect
Red Connection
Gabrielles Boat - Hoppers Crossing, Not Werribee
Cruiseboat - Yellow Album
Cruiseboat - Two songs
Skinny kid Rodeo - Live in Werribee
Cartwheel - How to put one foot on the foldback whilst the other works the wah-wah - Beats and guitars released on Melbournes St.James label
Cartwheel - Man, In Love With Machine
Cartwheel - Test Drive Now
Cartwheel - Currently Untitled
Skinny Kid Rodeo - Two Beautiful Country Songs
I Love Horses
Scientific Research